ODR with Arbitration Resolution Services (ARS)

Resolving disputes through traditional means requires extensive time, resources and money. Fortunately, ARS has combined the convenience of technology with experienced and knowledgeable legal professionals to provide online dispute resolution (ODR) services to businesses and individuals with disputes of all sizes. ODR with ARS is an entirely virtual process in which disputes can be resolved from the comfort of your own office, business or home, freeing up time for everyone involved. With our proprietary cloud-based technology, dispute resolution is fast, affordable and more convenient than ever before.

Online Mediation

Many people choose mediation when deciding how to resolve disputes. Mediation is strictly a settlement-oriented conference, where no one is forced into a decision. Instead, an independent third party, known as the mediator, helps both sides come to an agreement that they both accept. ARS offers a modern approach to mediation where parties can upload all documents needed to our secure, cloud-based system and complete any conferences or meetings via video or teleconference. With virtual mediation through ARS, there is no need for any in-person appearances.

Online Arbitration

Litigation is costly, time-consuming and is hardly ever resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. Arbitration is an alternative to litigation that is private and informal because parties do not have to resolve their disputes in a courtroom. Arbitration allows disputes to be resolved through an impartial third party, known as the arbitrator. Unlike the role of the mediator, the arbitrator makes a binding decision that is in the best interest of all parties. ARS has taken the process of arbitration and made it even more convenient by allowing the process to be completed entirely online. With ODR through arbitration, disputes that may have been too small to resolve in the past are now able to be resolved.

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